Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Objectives of TWIFF

A cause that is working worldwide to increase awareness of highly underestimated issues overlooked in society.  TWIFF strives to educate and illuminate aberrations about third world countries which reach its audience through the modern day cinema. 
Whether it is found onscreen or off-screen TWIFF works internationally to spread its deeply innovated message to its viewers.  This endeavor hopes to broaden the horizon of those who are unacquainted with many subjects which hold back developing countries.  These issues range from modern day slaves and cultural variations.
While aspiring to illustrate these significant issues found in many nations throughout the world in the form of films, TWIFF also showcases up and coming filmmakers.  With many categories, producers and directors can submit work in eleven different forms.  The mission of TWIFF as well as these filmmakers is to exemplify these tribulations which have augmented in third world countries. 
While watching these films the audience not only is able to view the issues but hopefully extend their new found knowledge and raise consciousness for this cause.

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