Monday, March 5, 2012

Modern Day Slaves Documentary

Are you tired of those long commutes to work?  How much money do you waste on gas driving through cities to get to the office?  Getting stuck in traffic can put anyone in a horrible mood.   How about working in a different country?  In the film Modern Day Slaves directed and produced by Ted Unarce, it reveals the pain and struggles these domestic workers otherwise known as Modern Day Slaves must endure.   
Leaving their home in the Philippines and entering into another country, these migrant workers are in desperate need of money.  Their low salaries keep them going month to month in order to have something to send back home to their families in need.  One would conclude that if you hold an occupation and are receiving a wage then a person should be satisfied.  Wrong, these workers are forced to work all week long doing difficult chores.  They are given a run-down, packed room to sleep in.  They are mistreated and raped.  In addition, they are abused physically, mentally, and emotionally by their employers.
This film encompasses the harsh realities of four Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW) who are mandated to reside in these atrocious conditions.  The film also reenacts many of the attacks made on OFW’s by their employers.  It is accompanied by the victims themselves, sharing their experiences and heart wrenching stories.  This documentary will give you an idea about the thousands who are subject to this exploitation. 
Please comment below answering how you could make a difference in the lives of the OFW’s. 


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