Monday, April 23, 2012

Annual Tea Party

Whether it is black tea, green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea or jasmine tea; whether it is served at 
high tea time or a cup before bed, tea has been a long part of global history. 

Tea time is a tradition as well as a time to gather with friends to enjoy each other’s presence.  It is celebrated with elegance and honor.  Third World Indie Film Festival along with Modern Day Slaves Foundation is presenting its first Annual Tea Party.  This will be a time to gather together with friends to unite in order to raise funds to help fight human trafficking.  

As we all know, this is an important issue that affects all of society.  It also influences a person’s morals which are treasured and cherished in every community.The audience will be able to have the chance to see cultural dances and a fashion show while sipping on their cup of tea and nibbling on provided finger foods.

By attending this event, it not only gives the money straight to a source that will help combat this problem, but also shows your support by your mere presence.  

Help end human trafficking one tea bag at a time.

How will you help find an end to human trafficking today?

Please visit the Annual Tea Party page on Facebook at the link provided and be sure to “LIKE” the page in order to receive updates.

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