Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Best Cinematography 2011- Life of a Hunter

Imagine leaving home for the first time, perhaps leaving for college or any new exciting venture that life throws your way.  However, there are some things to keep in mind and consider.  To partake in this new prospect do you simply uproot yourself from the comfort of your home, friends and family?  On the other hand, can you pass up a great opportunity which is the chance of a lifetime?

This dilemma is evident in the film Life of a Hunter while it traces the life of a young Kazakh falconer, Serik.  Residing in the Western part of China in a rocky terrain, viewers follow the protagonist as he contemplates his move to the big city, Urumqi, in China or remaining in the pastures.  This big city is rapidly expanding and money is the main basis for having relationships.  However, the pastures are his home and place of comfort and stability.

Through this adventure the film tracks the traditional culture of Kazakh.  These traditions include entertainment such as music and hunting.  It also depicts how the simple lives of Kazakhs are being drastically changed by the upbeat tempo of changes in China.  The universal message of this theme is to illustrate the cultural beliefs and traditions of the Kazakhs.

This documentary won for BEST IN CINEMATOGRAPHY at TWIFF 2011.  It was directed by Peter Kirby who is also the cinematographer.

To visit the trailer:

How can a person preserve their cultural traditions in a world that is evolving and expanding every day?  Please comment below to share your answer.

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