Monday, May 14, 2012

Carbon for Water

Ponds, streams, river, lakes, seas, and oceans. These bodies of water make up the water on Earth. Exactly 2/3 of the world is made up of water. Up to 60% of our own body is made up of water. Physicians recommend 8 cups of water a day. Society can clearly see that water is an important part of life. What happens when people are denied this vital natural resource?

In the documentary entitled "Carbon for Water", it covers various stories of people indigenous to one area living without this necessity. The film opens with a young girl who has set out searching for firewood to bring back to her family. She travels alongside barren lands which were once bountiful forests. Rivers with once clean drinking water are now contaminated making it undrinkable. Villagers have died due to drinking the river water. Firewood is a valuable resource because it is used to boil and purify water.

This film shows the effect of diseases from lack of clean water and carbon discharge in Kenya’s Western Province. This population is expected to jump from 40 to 60 million people in the next 20 years. This nation depends on their resources for survival. With the lack of clean water this will most definitely affect their population. There is a growing competition for these limited resources.

The film then delves into the story of Patrick and Violet who have moved to this region after having a baby. Unfortunately, to their dismay sickness strikes over them and it is hard to recover. Entrepreneur Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen had worked over 10 years in Emergency Response and he saw the pertinent need for a more sustainable environment for people to live in. He then continued to develop a campaign to help give 880,000 water filters to families living in these bad conditions. This will hopefully cut carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 2 million tons per year.

In today’s world people sometimes take advantage of how simple water is to obtain and sometimes people waste it (ie. Leaving the water running while brushing their teeth, throwing away water, etc.) How will you reduce your water consumption?

"Carbon for Water" will be featured on September 20-23 at the Third World Indie Film Festival in Milpitas. Stay tuned for further screening information.

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