Sunday, July 29, 2012

1:30 am

This film centers on the split life of teenager Nishi. She lives a life filled with confusion and is struggling to overcome her problems dealing with an array of emotions. The harsh realizations of existing in dimness and loneliness, yet sometimes leading a fake happy life are the daily struggles for Nishi. She is trapped in her own mind and soul as she sways back and forth from seeing the good and the bad in herself.

Nishi is a member of two completely different worlds. One is where she puts on a happy appearance and is mesmerized by the moon, games and the toy recreations of her family. The other life is where she fights her fears and is suffocated by her imperfections. In all this chaos, Nishi commits sinful crimes but goes on believing that she hasn’t committed anything harmful.

“Her imaginative conversations with her family members and her split personality remain normal and happy. The voice of her split self controls Nishi as a silent killer hiding behind a mask of composure and maturity along with mindless chatter. She ensures Nishi of her entity. The split personality conveys a soothing relief to Nishi's pain, doubts, fears and anxieties.”

As the audience continues to watch Nishi’s story, they witness her encounters with reality and imagination.

To see her story, make sure to come to the film festival in September.



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