Monday, September 10, 2012

From Nomad to Nobody

Filmed in Northern India and Tibet, this documentary explores personal insight of the troubles surrounding Tibetan nomads. These nomads are being displaced by Chinese officials and they are being removed from their customary pastures into concrete ghettos.

Before this large-scale reposition, when grazing their herds, they were able to live amply and were fully sustained. Now, they are at a complete loss without work. Therefore, they must depend on their livelihood from the Chinese officials. In an era where sustainability is the mantra, Chinese policy makes no sense. The policy is designed to wipe out nomad culture.

To see what the future holds for these nomads and their yaks, please come see this film at the festival at the end of the month. This film will be screening on Saturday from 10:40-11:00.

For more information on this film please be sure to check out their website at


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