Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Fourth World

Did you know that one in every six people are living in the slums? The documentary film, The Fourth World goes inside slums worldwide to meet the people who makeup this shocking statistic and illustrates what this world is like and how it is affecting those living in it. The United Nations projects that one billion people currently living in the slums could triple by 2050.

The documentary introduces viewers to Felix, Salma, Tanya, Jovelyn and others giving them the chance to tell their stories. It demonstrates that these people are no different from the people we interact with every day. Due to these extreme circumstances, they have honed their entrepreneurial skills which have helped them survive with less that two dollars a day. This film will not only inform you of life in the slums but also help develop your perspective on these people and hopefully correct inaccurate stereotypes. 

Come see this film at the end of September during our film festival to hear their journeys. This film will be screening on Saturday from 1:20-2:20.


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