Friday, September 6, 2013


Directed by: DEBI LANG 
Category: Social Entrepreneur Short

      'Hearts In The Himalayas” is a documentary project two years in the making by award-winning humanitarian photojournalist, Debi Lang. The film profiles the work of Himalayan HealthCare (HHC), a driven and dedicated volunteer organization that provides medical care, education, and income generation opportunities to the people of rural Nepal. HHC volunteers, led by co-founder Anil Parajuli and his dedicated Nepalese staff, endure harsh conditions and treacherous terrain during a trek to bring much needed medical and dental care to people living in the remote Dhading region of the Himalayas.

      The film integrates footage shot during an Everest-size expedition fraught by challenges with a powerful narrative as Parajuli takes the viewer into the brutal conditions the villagers face everyday.

      We meet Pema, Phe Dorge and Bin Maya, the HHC trained health care providers who work around the clock to provide medical care to the people of their villages; Bahadur BK, who, with the help of HHC, has broken the barriers of his caste to become one of the most respected educators in the region; and the women who are determined to improve village life through the income generation and empowerment programs.

      Parajuli and HHC board president Dr. Robert McKersie, reveal the compelling story behind Megh Bahadur Parajuli Community Hospital which became the beacon of hope for the 300,000 people in the Ilam region during the fog of a deadly 10-year civil war. It is a humanitarian mission you soon won't forget.

     Don't forget to check this movie out during the film festival later this month. But first, here is the the trailer:

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