Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best Documentary Feature 2011- Stepping Into The Fire

I’ve always been told that money and fame can’t buy happiness, but what would happen if your life, fortune and assets turned out to be a lie?  Seeking to gain the truth, would you embark on a journey to find answers?  Would you be able to accept the fact that the world could possibly be altered?
A stock trader Roberto Velez, born of Peruvian descent but raised in America was fortunate enough to have all the possession in life which he could ever ask for.  Velez had one thing holding him back from complete bliss—he lacked direction in life.  Searching for true happiness he withdraws to the land of his ancestors and encounters Mancoluto, a person who is knowledgeable about natural health issues. 
He is an expert on Ayahuasca, an extraordinary medicine from South America which has physical, healing and mental benefits.  This Amazonian brew has life changing effects.  Mancoluto helps Velez in his situation and the film captures Peruvian healing  arts being born. 
The film documentary Stepping Into The Fire directed by Ross Evison and Roberto Velez observes the effects of the medicine and proves how nature and physical conditions are vital to human victory in a global perspective.  This won for BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE and now poses the questions: “Is humanity born to die?” or “Is humanity born to live?”  Let us know in the comments below.

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