Saturday, February 11, 2012

Best Comedy 2011- Mumbhai Connection

Imagine being a typical and reliable worker who gets laid off. This leaves you without a work visa and needing to return back to your home country in search of employment. This was the situation of Faisal, a determined Indian IT salesman. After a period of time seeking for a sponsor and a new job he plans on returning back to India. However, he encounters an old friend who recruits him to work for a new IT business.

Now imagine having a boss who is working for the Mumbai Underworld. When Faisal gets the order to sell IT services to the Atlanta Mafia, he finds out that they will not buy his products which angers his boss, Kal.

It is an award winning film directed by Atlanta Nagendra and produced by Rafiq Batcha. At the film festival, Mumbhai Connection won for BEST COMEDY. Batcha said during a previous interview, “Our goal is simple: present something to viewers that they have not seen before. In the case of Mumbhai Connection, we touch upon topics such as unemployment, recession, IT services etc…” The film captures its audience as we go along with Faisal on his journey to protect his life and family.

When chaos breaks out, threats surround Faisal and his family. What is a man to do? He must “go boldly where no salesman has gone before.”

In your position, what would be your strategy in handling your evil boss or mafia clients? Tell us in the comments below.



  1. I would make a movie about my experiences :) Great writeup. Thanks for letting us participate and for honoring us with the award. We wish TWIFF to be the premier US festival to represent third world issues and interests in the years to come!