Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Narrative Feature 2011- Dark Resonance

In Bangladesh during 1971 there was the War of Liberation.  Nura a meager street beggar became paralyzed in one leg.  The anti-liberation powers, the Razakars, attacked and battered him.  This resulted with damage that led to his paralysis.  Although he is now crippled, he is still an excellent father to his daughter. 
He spends his days loitering on the streets begging for money so that his daughter Swapna can pursue her dreams of studying at a university.  Nura is a “freedom fighter.”  He does not feel embarrassed by his impoverished stature.  He actually finds a bit of pleasure in begging because he sings in the tongue of Bangla.  However, he would have to sing in Urdu if he had not been able to free his country from Pakistani rule.   Is the child of beggars a forgotten and ignored soul?  Can Swapna still live life in her own way?  
 Swapna becomes enamored with Niloy who is a wealthy young man belonging to a high class family.  The family does not approve of their son marrying a beggar’s daughter.  This film, Dark Resonance, won for BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE and is directed by Khalid Mahmood Mithu.
Today, do you think people marry for love or to maintain/raise social status?

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