Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Narrative Short 2011- Dreaming in the Time of Hate

Leaving a place of comfort and traveling to a foreign land can be an arduous task to handle in both physical and emotional aspects. Happiness, joy and prosperity are the rewards for this great act of courage and perseverance.  Dreaming in the Time of Hate won for BEST NARRATIVE SHORT and is a film directed by Oscar Arvizo.
Leaving the comforts of Mexico, Pablo gathers his belongings and commences his journey to the United States for a once in a life time chance to live the desired American Dream.  What is the American Dream?  It is the chance to be one’s true self, practicing in their own beliefs, following their own teachings and setting their own morals.  For many, the American Dream is liberty and being able to have access to freedom.
Not all journeys can be simple.  In Pablo’s case, he endured incredible hardships since he had stepped foot in American boundaries.  Desperate and lonely, he makes a decision to call his sister, Sofia.  On the phone he begs her to come and be with him in America.  Sofia must make a decision.  Does she join her brother or does she accept the opportunity to attend the University of Guadalajara? 
Sofia declines the offer to attend the university and gives in to her brother’s plea to venture to America. She and Pablo both experience the brunt of hardships which ends up in a tragic reality—leaving them hopeless.  Their dreams and faith in the American Dream are crushed.  Instead of reaching the American Dream, they stray and end up in a hopeless, tragic wreck.
What is your American Dream? (Example: family, a house, a job) please tell us in the comments below.

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