Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Social Entrepreneur Award 2011- The Invocation

TWIFF introduces the BEST SOCIAL ENTERPRENEUR AWARD OF 2011 recipients, director Emmanuel Itier and executive producer Sharon Stone for their work on the film The Invocation.  It is a documentary which instills the theme of serenity, connectivity and harmony into their viewers’ mind and heart.  This moving documentary encompasses the abstract concept of God throughout the world and relates it to concrete examples familiar to the public.  It enlightens its audience on the worldly subject through spirituality, understood scientific knowledge, faith, art and political affairs. 
This feature expresses the controversial topic of an existing “God” or other references to a higher power and authority.  Although it deals with this subjective matter, the film focuses on spreading past the superficial surface and moving deeper to discover mankind.  This gives viewers the opportunity to review our standards of encountering and treating others.  Without any regards to religion, believers, nonbelievers and those who are attracted to keep searching are persuaded to break the status quo and accept dissimilarities. 
We may wonder why there is a copious amount of unhappiness, animosity and resentment running through the world.  The Invocation shows that going past outward and apparent distinctions can unite us a single unit.  With the struggles of today’s world which can hold people back, it is only to our benefit to create stronger bonds and ties with others.  Emmanuel Itier and Sharon Stone reflect on this award and continue their pressing desire to shed knowledge to the modern world.  Do you think the matter of religion impacts the world today?

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