Saturday, March 24, 2012

Human Spirit Award 2011- The Edge of Joy

When a woman is expecting a child there are certain protocols which she must follow in order for her to deliver a healthy, full functioning baby.  Getting the right nutrients, prenatal vitamins and visiting the doctor regularly for checkups must take place.  This not only examines that the baby is developing correctly but eases a mothers mind on the progress of her unborn child.  What happens when these precautions aren’t followed?

The documentary film, The Edge of Joy traces Nigerian doctors, midwives and families to the forefront of maternal care.  Inside of these maternity clinics, the audience views troublesome labor, fatalities and unbelievable survivals.  Outside of these clinics there is a lack of blood supply being transported.  Family planning is labeled as a risk that “kills more than 36,000 Nigerian women each year.”

The misunderstandings, boundaries and potentials of a maternity clinic are understood by Nigerian natives.  This film is narrated by Eliza Griswold who is an award winning journalist.  This film is also accompanied by the animations of Yoni Goodman.  Pregnancy and childbirth are described realistically.  It does not hide or underplay the effects of poor maternity care.  Its looks into the complications and difficulties of using new health devices to aid the budding world of wellbeing.

The documetary directed by Dawn Sinclair Shapiro won the HUMAN SPIRIT AWARD at TWIFF 2011.

How can we help to ensure better maternity health care?  Let us know in the comments below.

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