Sunday, March 18, 2012

Breaking News, Breaking Down

What is the worst thing that could happen to you today?  Waking up late and missing the bus?  Think bigger.  Spilling your coffee in the elevator at the office?  Even bigger.  How about accidently burning dinner?  It is unfortunate but not exactly life changing.  Life is not always as easy and as carefree as people make it out to be.  Now imagine the unthinkable.  Being at work when tragedy strikes—in an instance your world has changed and it will never be the same again. 
In the documentary, “Breaking News, Breaking Down” it follows the lives of journalists who have reported on the world’s most memorable and heart-breaking stories.  9-11 and Hurricane Katrina have swept away thousands of lives and for some it has destroyed hopes.  This film also documents how these disasters have affected the lives of the journalists.  Mike Walter and David Handschuh express how the 9-11 attack has left a long lasting impression after reporting on it.  Photojournalist John McCusker was affected by witnessing and reporting on the New Orleans calamity of Hurricane Katrina.    
Reporting for such stories which have such a large impact for many people including the journalists can be found in the documentary.  The film also delves into the assessment of PTSD and ways of coping with such a trauma.  The next time you read a magazine article discussing any type of tragic situation, remember the difficulties the writer had to take and the memories they will hold from the experience.
How would you handle such devastation?

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