Friday, March 16, 2012

Ted Unarce-- OFW

Rape. Abuse. Execution. Delinquency. Pregnancy. Prostitution. Drugs.  All of which are possible outcomes for those associated with OFWs.  The Philippines is a nation that sends their people to work as OFWs.  Many of our workers are subject to harsh treatments and must deal with these consequences.

Publisher, novelist, filmmaker, producer and founder of TWIFF, Ted Unarce was recently published in Philippines News newspaper for his editorial on this subject. He informs readers of his view on this subject and enlightens them on what he has come to learn from his observations.  When parents leave their children to work abroad this leaves them in a vulnerable state without anyone looking out for them.  These workers face long hours with minimum wage.  Who are these OFWs?  They are a part of the Filipino community such as doctors, nurses, engineers, caregivers and teachers.  However, many of these doctors are working as nurses and teachers are working as maids.  This is not the message we want the world to see.  It not only degrades the OFWs themselves but the Filipino nation as a whole.

We are looking forward to an augmented number of types of protection for these workers who are being taken advantage of in many aspects.  Seeing Filipino doctors and teachers being demoted to lower ranking jobs is not only demeaning but Ted Unarce believes, “is a slap in the face of our educational system.”

The government is aiming at installing new types of protection—what can we do?  Middle class and business people can support the government’s work to defend and maintain our workers.  A nation must be built on a strong foundation.  A weak basis and a nation built on beaten bodies cannot hold up and prolong the growth of the Philippines.

We wait for the day when Filipinos will demand respect for themselves.  This “nation of servants” has potential to apply themselves and overcome this stereotype.  Many people are unwilling to change their views because they believe it will not make a difference.  However, how can we as Filipinos believe that we deserve respect from others if we do not respect ourselves?  It is time to leave this vicious pattern of behavior because we are just hurting ourselves.  Filipinos must not undermine their own authority; we must insist on receiving higher wages and not take any abuse.  We must strive for a strong and lively nation.

How is it possible to free OFW’s from this cycle of abuse and loss of identity?

How can we as sensible people work to overcome this detrimental issue and keep OFWs from facing such cruel and unjust treatment?

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