Saturday, May 26, 2012

Somos Wichi

If you searched for the definition of Husek in the dictionary, odds are that you wouldn't be able to find it. However, this word has a significant value and meaning to the Wichi people. The word signifies a good willed person, with a great understanding of balance in life as well as a person who avoids quarrels at all times.

This documentary Somos Wichi (we are Wichi) is set in the Northwestern part of Argentina called Gran Chaco. The Wichi have a problem which is holding them back from great potentials—they need to find new means to face the dwindling number of food sources.

Many characters in this film take notice of the suffering and they work together to help their struggling nation.
Roque is focused on securing the safety of the forest from wood poachers that are abusing nature's gifts.
Tiluc is the elderly shaman for the tribe. His goal is to enlighten the younger generations about their culture. He is hoping that the culture lives on and does not die out.
Karina's goal is to give the children rudimentary education despite many difficulties.

Dr. John Palmer and Dr. Morita Carrasco, highly regarded anthropologists, provide details and more information about this group of people. Through these issues they are undergoing, they are still able to sustain the hardships and be true to their distinctive individuality as Wichi and the power of their characters. The anthropologists realize that the Wichi are enduring severe social problems.

This group of people is misconstrued and is seen as having little to no morals at all. The purpose of this film is to prove the strengths of the Wichi and provoke viewers to see them in a different light than the stereotypical demeanor.

Being misunderstood and feeling invisible are occasional problems for some people. The Wichi are subject to this feeling daily. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel?

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This film will be one of the many to be featured at the Film Festival in September.

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