Thursday, May 31, 2012


Robitussin gets rid of a cold; ibuprofen gets rid of a headache; and Tums gets rid of stomachaches. What gets rid of leprosy? Today there is a cure for leprosy however the people are not receiving it.

Jeff Johns and Ryan Lougridge are filmmakers searching around the globe for answers as to why leprosy is still a problem. They wonder why more has not been done to completely relieve the world of a harmful disease when it has already affected so many people. As they travel the world, they encounter victims of leprosy. Those affected are found in countries such as Nepal, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The director of this film states, “Stigma is one of those stories. Told by the voices of those afflicted by this oft forgotten about disease, we traveled the areas of the World most affected by Leprosy to try and uncover why more wasn’t being done to eradicate the World’s oldest and most misunderstood disease for good.”

This film is thought provoking and raises several questions which are currently unanswerable. Why are we living with such a dreadful disease? What can we do to combat it or completely get rid of it in our society?

Ponder the following question and leave responses in the comments: How can we help others living as lepers?

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