Friday, June 15, 2012

The Pink Room

Girls exposed to such a horrible crime will forever suffer its’ severe side effects unless they are strong enough to hold onto reality and push forward for a better life. Mien and other adolescent girls are in the tumultuous realm of sex slavery trade. Growing up in Svay Park near Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia, Mien is exposed to the most immense and inhuman hub of child sex slavery. Her innocence was sold at a high cost, but after her virginity was viciously taken her values began to diminish. For 12 hours each day she was held captive, tortured and raped. When difficulties came and threw her off her course, her dreams of freedom were gone and destroyed.

“This is a story of redemption, ordinary people who become unlikely heroes, Cambodians rising up with compassion to take back their country and a town’s process of rebuilding from the inside out.” This film delves into the girls maintaining strong fortitude when dealing with the intricate issue of human trafficking. On top of this issue they must respond to the rescue, restoration, reintegration and prevention of further incidents. Mein signifies the optimism that the girls must have in this time of darkness.

Once entering into this dangerous trade it is hard to escape the abuse. A girl's future is destroyed and her aspirations in life have changed drastically. If she does succeed in recovering from this repulsive evil she will still be able to thrive in life. There is hope for all these girls to find a solution—The Pink Room is proof.

How does a girl overcome such trauma?

The Pink Room will be one of the films featured at the festival in September.

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