Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Veggie Propaganda

The world as we know it is always changing. Trees and land are being demolished, polar ice caps are melting, coral reefs are disappearing and climates are rapidly rising. People are trying to “go green” to help save our planet. Vegetarians and vegans are doing their part to help the environment by not eating meat. Not everybody needs to give up meat, but everybody should know the basic and important facts when it comes to the food they eat.

The eccentric film Veggie Propaganda is an animated story that features animals, our connection with them and their rights. The Penultimate is a band from New York City who performs their original creations for the digital film.

The film ventures to understand and take a look at adolescent legends about animals against their reality of being in a human-centered world. It also illustrates the lessons of where we get our food from and how eating less animal meat can make a helpful effect on their well being and environment.

This film is an amazing story for environmentalists as well as others who do not fully comprehend the lives of animals. To watch this 2/D digitalized film check it out at the film festival in September.

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