Friday, July 13, 2012


Some children are lucky enough to spend their entire lives growing up in the same neighborhood and in the same house. They are close friends with their neighbors and are privy to know the ins and outs of their town. Others are not so fortunate and are uprooted and moved from place to place. A child should have a stable environment—something tangible to count on. What does a child feel when they must constantly move, happiness or fear? Most importantly, what happens when a family needs to move to another country for a better future? 

This film follows the story of Miguel Rodriguez, a young boy, who enters the US. However, he is not coming to America legally. Miguel and his mother are smuggled on a bus with dreams of finding new life within America. The story takes a turn and their expedition doesn’t go as expected.

Come and see this film at the film festival in September to see what lays ahead for Miguel and his mother.





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