Sunday, July 8, 2012

Un Buen Hijo

The feeling of knowing something so juicy and tempting to divulge is a heavy burden to carry especially if it would disappoint people. How about hiding a true passion from your family? Could you keep it a secret?

The good son Ausencio, lives in the countryside of Mexico with a hidden dream of working as a drag performer. However, he is pushed away from his aspirations by his family who is making him choose between them and his dream.

Living on a farm while growing up, it was always expected that Ausencio would eventually take over the land. His parents have always intended it to be that way; little did they know that Ausencio had dreams of his own—thoughts of being a drag performer. If he pursued this choice, then he would be detaching himself from his beloved family.

The director states, “I explore that contradiction in my film, and in the end my protagonist learns that he doesn’t have to abandon the people and things he loves in order to be the man he is destined to become.”

Ausencio must make the arduous decision, most likely the most difficult decision in his life. Does he pick up and chase his dream? Or does he stay loyal to his family?

To find out, be sure to come and see this film at the festival in September.



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