Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Every guy idealizes about his dream girl; the woman of his dreams that holds all the qualities he finds most important to have. A charming personality, poise, confident, beautiful and a great sense of humor are all alluring attributes. However, most men have realistic fantasies. So what happens when a guy falls in love with an Anime character?

While making pancakes at work one morning, Jack encounters a familiar looking face—Lillith, a red-haired girl, that looks like his favorite Anime version of his dream girl. He also meets her boyfriend, Lazer, who is an intimidating and a complete bully. In hopes to catch Lillith’s attention, Jack revamps his style that emulates Lazer’s style. Meanwhile, he catches the eyes of Angela, a beautiful Latina who visits the diner often, hoping to see Jack. His plans are ruined after recognizing that he must face Lazer and choose to either return to his normal self or change for good.

Catch this film at the film festival screening in September.

Here is the link to the trailer for Flapjack:

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