Thursday, June 28, 2012

Through Bloodshot Eyes

A family being torn apart by abuse and bloodshed is no way to run a household or raise a family. What side effects will children suffer their entire lives due to such terror during their childhood? How does an abusive relationship change throughout the years and will it grow more gruesome?

In the 3 minute-short film, Through Bloodshot Eyes it follows the heart wrenching story of abuse between a father and son and documents the shift in dynamics. Follow this story as it covers over twenty years of maltreatment and how the story takes an unexpected twist. However, the ending is still heartbreaking.

This short film is written, directed and produced by filmmaker Amanda Sodhi. The cast consists of Avtar Chadda, Ramaan Desai and Puppy Manohar. The original music is provided by Gaurav Dayal. Cinematography is done by Arani Sen. The film is edited by Mark Thomas Lickona. The sound editor and mixer is Damian Parada. The gaffer is Kevin Lebre. Katline Angell is the production assistant.

To see this short film, come and watch it at the film festival in September.

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