Monday, June 25, 2012

Life! Camera Action...

A timeless classic feature film, Life! Camera Action… is a moving story of an aspiring filmmaker and the quest to fulfill her dreams.

Reina is the daughter of a conservative Indian family based in New York City, who would rather she become a doctor, engineer, architect or something of that standard. Under the harsh label that the film industry takes advantage of young girls and destroys family value, the protagonist, Reina is faced with a hard decision. She must give up her dream in order to keep her parents happy or go against their wishes and follow her own path.

Life! Camera Action…with multiple themes, centers on: When a person has uncontrollable passion, they will do everything in their power, and hope that their loved ones will share the same beliefs.

The critics comment, “The movie in a movie subplot is divided into three segments – Life! Camera and Action. Reina takes the audience through an interesting roller coaster of emotions and keeps them guessing about the next scene till the end.” The director has a sharp viewpoint and refreshing cinematic language.

Winner of over seventy international honors and high achievements, Life! Camera Action… is an internationally commended, highly praised feature film that has taken film festivals by storm all around the globe . It has been named as one of the top 10 Outstanding Movies of all times made (to date) by Indian American Filmmakers.

It is the first feature length film ever made that is shot with a 2-member crew on a small budget by an Indian filmmaker. The film is produced & directed by Rohit Gupta. In addition it is written by Gupta & Amanda Sodhi. The music is by award winning composer, Manoj Singh. The film includes actress Dipti Mehta, Shaheed Woods, John Crann, Noor Naghmi & Swati Kapila. It also features an award winning song sung by one of bollywood's well-known singers ‘KK’.

Come and see Reina’s journey at the festival in September.

Here is the link for the trailer:


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