Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Life As Jimmy

Imagine the feeling of being pulled in several directions and never knowing what to do. Jimmy is struggling with personal issues and at the same time caught up in the drama of a past war. Jimmy’s homeland is South Sudan where people are celebrating peace after 21 years of war. During this time, Jimmy is trying to gain entrance to a university to study in order to pay tribute to the aspiration of his father. Also, Jimmy is trying to recover his birth name which in the commotion of war was lost. Cryton is the name he is looking for. While this is going on, his duties at home are piling up and getting out of hand.

This film is the personal journey of a young man of South Sudanese decent who was raised during the civil war and now tries to balance his commitments and life goals.

To see Jimmy and his quest to fulfill all his goals, watch out for A life as Jimmy during the film festival.

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