Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dominica: Charting a Future for Paradise

Dominica, a natural and beautiful island, is the featured location in the film Dominica: Charting a Future for Paradise. This film is about the filmmaker’s image and hopes of Dominica, a small Caribbean country, rising above their problems in nature. These problems include finite resources and an inactive population to uphold this country as a freestanding nation.

A couple years back in 2008, this small country celebrated a milestone in history—30 years of independence from its' oppressor, Great Britain. They celebrated with a spectacular reunion with people from all over the nation. They took this monumental day and everybody, near and far, thought about Dominica’s previous struggles and triumphed on their success thus far.

The filmmaker brings the audience along as she travels throughout the decades and visits various countries. Dominica: Charting a Future for Paradise illustrates the people, culture, landscape and the memory of those who have gone abroad.

Come see this film and the beauty of Dominica in the film festival this September.



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