Wednesday, August 8, 2012

El Rey

Life is a journey and band mates and friends, Stefan and Adi, are ready for a change of scene. They pack up their belongings and leave their homeland, Austria, to begin their expedition through Latin America.

Trekking through Latin America and riding in an old school bus that is also doubling up as their “home on wheels” the audience goes along with them as they discover their new life on the road. We witness them meeting the locals, performing their songs and finding new music that is meaningful and not just a source of entertainment.

Through this journey, the audience is exposed to the hardship that locals are subject to everyday. Through their Latin American excursion they understand how music transcends all. “Music can never be dispossessed, embrace life through music.”

To see this amazing, musical journey be sure to watch the world premiere of EL REY on September 23, Sunday.

Link to find the trailer: 

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