Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Surfing Soweto

Cinga Productions in the span of three years have been tracking the daily occurrences of 3 of Soweto’s infamous train surfers. They have been following these three people through jails, heroin hotspots and on top of trains running through Soweto. Now the pending thoughts are why would we spend our resources and time doing this? The answer is to understand and document the perilous behaviors of younger generations and where the need to “surf” generates from.

This is the account of the “forgotten generation”. This covers the story of those born many years after the apartheid that do not have anything worth battling for. By producing this film, the filmmakers wish to stand up for the unemployed youth of Soweto. These are “the people for whom the future holds little hope”.

To see the story revealed, please come to the film festival in September.

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