Friday, August 10, 2012

Festival Announcement #3

Hello Everyone!

As the festival is approaching the blog is being updated rather frequently. Each film will be featured on the blog to introduce it to the audience and get them excited to see the film. Film write-ups are not the only posts being uploaded. Significant announcements on the festival itself will be publicized here on the blog. It is quite important that you are visiting the blog to stay updated of the new pieces of information added.

Last week the film schedules were loaded onto the site. They were recently updated so please be sure to take another look at it. Here are the links:
September 21
September 23

The TWIFF official hotel is the Marriott Hotel. We highly advise that you choose Marriott as you rooming accommodation during your stay because of its convenience and price. There will be discounted rates until August 25 so be sure to take advantage of this offer and do not wait until the last minute to book your rooms. Also, this hotel is within walking distance of all the festivities (ie: theater, restaurants and Dave and Busters).

Also, please revisit this link to read up more on TWIFF’s hotel accommodations.

Thank you and if you have any further questions please contact: for blog questions and for festival questions.

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