Sunday, August 12, 2012

Education and Entertainment

In the GTC docu-film, seventeen individuals from around the nation are in jeopardy of denial, anguish and terror.  In the pilot season of Show Me Your Talent, these exceptional and talented contestants relate to their communities that have levels of poverty, violence, avoidable illness and intolerance.  These issues are becoming increasingly more common in the communities. 

While they refine their skills in this competition, they become role models for other contestants and all viewers.  The main objective is the individual’s wish to succeed while they are aware of the many obstacles that they need to go through in order to build a stronger community.

This competition strives to bring the best out of every contestant while making them active role models for the entire globe.  In a shallow and sometimes selfish world; now is the time to make a change to reverse the damage.  We must change our focus to be on reconstructing our culture.  In order to achieve this change, we must rearrange and prioritize our life on the more essential things.

To see this film please be sure to attend the film festival in September.


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