Monday, August 13, 2012


Mistakes are common errors that we as humans are bound to make. Some mistakes are worse than others. When a person is faced with a mistake they have two choices. Option number one is facing up to their error and working to rectify it or option two is to run away. Is there a place where those needing to escape from the public eye can go? In the film Runway director Amit Ashraf depicts this scenario in the city Dhaka.

Dhaka is a swarming town and is the ideal location for craven men to hide.

These men are looking to fade away from the rest of the world. Babu is a “dubious rickshawalla” and is on a quest to find these runaways. Akbar, a politician, is the specific runaway fleeing his family for a better life. Babu is searching for him in order to return him back home to his family.

Having influential and political ties, Akbar finds himself racing against time while Babu struggles to bring him home. However, can Babu return Akbar to his family before their tracker catches them?

To find out Akbar’s destiny, come to the film festival in September.

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