Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ted Unarce: Power and Greed

Imagine Sarah Palin winning the presidential election, the United States suffering from financial problems and living in a world that only has two statuses: extremely wealthy and extremely impoverished. This is the setting for Ted Unarce’s second novel.

In this fictional world, there is no longer relief given to the public such as Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment and the streets are being overrun by The Young Zealots and Sarah’s Soldiers.

Chauncey Gibbons is a cruel man, however he is exceedingly thriving in the business. Billy Wild, on the other hand, is living a life completely impoverished, on the streets and is psychologically sick. Wild abducts Gibbons and takes him back to an underground area which he has dug for himself at an old construction site.

Wild used to be a highly regarded accountant at a private investment corporation owned by Gibbons. On Christmas Eve, he receives a life changing pink slip signed by Gibbons and his world comes tumbling down. Within days he is left with a frozen bank account, no home and is left with his kids and a guilty conscience when his wife commits suicide.

This novel spans from the time on Christmas Eve and ends promptly on New Year’s Eve. Gibbons and Wild’s lives are completely different as if they have exchanged roles.

During Chauncey’s kidnapping, he goes mad and is starved until he gives up the codes to his offshore accounts. Wild moves the money into organizations helping the poor. Wild leaves with a million dollars and is last seen making his way to the South American beach resort and Chauncey is left with little proclaiming he is the Messiah.

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