Saturday, August 18, 2012

Roadmap to Apartheid

A white South African, Ana Nogueira, and a Jewish Israeli, Eron Davidson, use their own experiences on this issue to tell their story. The creators of this film get a better look at the apartheid similarity often used to depict the Israeli-Palestinian clash. The film dissects the analogy into a factual assessment. They make a note of where the parallel is helpful and suitable and also note where it is irrelevant.

Many lessons can be taken away from the South African journey which is pertinent to problems worldwide. This film also takes on the roll of being a historical documentation of the ascension and collapse of the apartheid. It also gives insight on why many Palestinians still feel that they are a part of this system and how people around the world agree with them.

Come and see the explanation to this quandary in the film festival this September.


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