Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finding Manjushri

Filmed with the breath-taking view of the Himalayas in the background, a young and arrogant monk realizes that the knowledge he is searching for is much closer than he thinks. He also recognizes that it is stranger than he could ever foresee.

Lodro, the monk, fights with nature, defeats the alluring qualities of beautiful women, trails charmed children and meets a supernatural mule that is literate. He does all this hoping to reach the legendary Wutaishan Mountain looking for Manjushri.

This inspirational and amusing documentary filmed in northern India, is filled with laughs and charisma as it examines Tibetan Buddhism’s unusual theory of insight. It also reveals a message that people worldwide can relate to no matter the culture.

Finding Manjushri will be a film screened at the film festival in September.

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